Book Club

The Book Club formed originally as a 201 class held thru the College of Occult Sciences. We did classes for about a year and a half exploring each topic as a group then evidently individually. Bonds of mutual respect, compassion and friendship were formed in an educational setting with each individual's ideals/beliefs/practices held equally. The original core group continues today with new books chosen collectively for the greater good of the whole.

We explore many different topics from Vodun to Christianity including practical applications, ritual planning, and personal growth. As part of our book study, we spend time crafting suggested magickal tools and other items from the books we read. Some of the things we have created include altar boxes, besoms, garlands of the dead, wands and staffs and much more.

We find humor to be an essential part of the learning and bonding process, and as space is available, we welcome new members.

Current Book:

Some Recent Selections:

HoodOO Mysteries by Ray Malbrough
Lammas by Anne Franklin and Paul Mason
The Outer Temple of Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak
The Lost Books of Merlyn by Douglas Monroe
Sexual Energy Ecstasy by David and Ellen Ramsdale
The Magical Household by Scott Cunningham & David Harrington
The Way of the Wizard by Deepak Chopra
Praise to the Moon by Elen Hawke
Secrets of Wester Sex Magic by Frater U.D.
The Art of Everday Ecstasy by Margot Anand
and many more....