The College of Occult Science is a religious school dedicated to bringing the various occult teachings and practices into the limelight. It is our belief that all those who wish to gain such knowledge should have access to factual information, with the help and support from passionate practitioners.

We achieve this educational goal by creating an environment where passionate people can become inspired teachers who have created classes with the information that feeds their souls.

To help support our effort in shining a light on all things occult we make it a serious effort to support the local communities of our teachers, students, and members alike.

We also offer free advertisement space on our facebook page, and groups to all established occult groups in hopes to grow the awareness of our community to all our members.

In the spirit of the exchange of information, the college offers classes on all sorts of different subjects. From a course on the dark artes to classes on the various aspects of Kitchen witchery, spell crafting, and everything in between.
Our classes are also offered in many different ways from in-person to online using various different methods like groups and facebook live!

Our facebook groups offer great discussions, lots of free resourceful information, and are a very welcoming and supportive online community. So make sure to check it out, sign up, join a good discussion and make friends with like-minded people from all around






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